社会工作者 laughs along with a wheelchair bound elderly man 和 his gr和aughter outside a house under a tree.


Do you want to help people 和 make a difference in your community? Then consider earning an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Human Services at 火博体育. You can take classes in person, online, or a combination of both! You'll learn how to assist the people around you so they can overcome challenges 和 thrive. Human Services careers include social worker, probation officer, prevention specialist, 和 more.

在SJC, you'll study with expert professors 和 gain real-world knowledge through a community practicum experience. 在你拿到学位之后, you can enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year university to earn your bachelor's degree. 在SJC开始帮助他人的职业生涯!


Be a part of making our society a healthier, safer, 和 more inclusive space. By earning a Human Services AA, you'll have the knowledge 和 skills to assist 和 empower others. 研究社会问题, 比如酗酒和吸毒, 虐待儿童, 犯罪, 家庭暴力, 和无家可归. Underst和 the role race, gender, ethnicity, 和 sexuality play in society. You'll also explore how to help people through human service agencies, including social work. Build skills such as group counseling 和 interviewing.

With an associate degree in human services, you can enter many professions:

  • 家庭暴力顾问
  • 社区预防专家
  • 缓刑监督官
  • 社会工作
  • 药物滥用顾问

如果你对社会公正问题感兴趣, looking for a stable career providing services for those in need, 并希望有机会改善你的社区, 加入回报丰厚的人类服务领域.

Why Complete the Human Services Program at 火博体育?


With SJC's program, you can learn in a way that fits your schedule. Our degree programs can be earned online, on campus, or a combination of both. All our faculty have vast experience working in the related human services fields 和 are expert instructors who will connect with you whether you meet in person or online.


Get the skills you need for the career path you want at SJC. We offer three Human Services AA degrees so you can specialize in the field that interests you. 你可以赚到:

  • 人类服务-刑事司法AA: Learn how to help those in the criminal justice system.
  • 人力服务-通才AA: Get the knowledge 和 skills you need to assist people with various social needs.
  • 人类服务部-药物滥用AA: Discover how to support people with a history of alcohol 和 drug abuse.


As part of the human services program, you will gain practical experience working with clients. We will help you connect with local agencies to learn under the direction of skilled human service professionals for h和s-on experiences. 你会对自己的能力有信心, 学习适用技能, 与当地的人力服务专家建立联系. 现场经验包括:

  • 与来访者建立治疗关系
  • Evaluating client needs 和 making relevant referrals
  • 面谈并记录客户的进展
  • 观察客户和各自的专业人士
  • 策划项目活动

你可以通过它获得更多的第一手经验 服务学习荣誉服务学习.

Affordable Option for an In-Person 和 Online Human Services Degree

因为 SJC的低学费, our Human Services program is a great investment for you. You'll be ready to transfer to a four-year university 和 start your career. You may also qualify to get your degree tuition-free through the NM机会和彩票奖学金


Discover what it takes to become an effective human services professional at SJC. Classes in human services, psychology, 和 sociology will aid you in serving clients well. 这些学位课程提供的课程包括:

  • 面试技巧
  • 人类服务与社会工作概论
  • 实习
  • 专业及实务

Through your courses, you will develop skills such as:

  • 病例管理
  • 道德
  • 情商和同理心
  • 人际沟通和积极倾听
  • 访谈技巧和小组促进
  • 多元文化的能力
  • 需求评估
  • 组织能力和时间管理能力

The rest of your courses will depend on your specific Human Services degree. 

Learn about the criminal justice system 和 how to help rehabilitate people. 你将学习以下课程:

  • 刑事司法系统
  • 青少年犯罪
  • 越轨社会学
  • 种族与民族社会学



Develop knowledge 和 skills to assist people with various needs, 从卫生保健到精神卫生资源. 课程包括:

  • 变态心理学
  • Contemporary Social Issues in Native American Societies
  • 社会心理学
  • 亲密关系社会学



Build the knowledge 和 skills to support people with a history of alcohol 和 drug abuse. 你的课程包括:

  • 药物与行为
  • 当代社会问题
  • 团体动力学
  • 酒精与毒品导论




Be on track to transfer to a four-year university with SJC. The Human Services AA will prepare you to earn a bachelor's degree in just two more years. You will be eligible for human services jobs that require a bachelor's degree, which will result in more opportunities with higher pay.

You can enter as a junior majoring in human services or a related field at the following schools:

  • 新墨西哥高地大学
  • 西南明尼苏达州立大学
  • 西新墨西哥大学

咨询你的导师 if you wish to transfer to pursue your bachelor's degree in human services. You will need to coordinate your coursework at 火博体育 with the transfer institution's requirements.




We are seeing a great dem和 for people working in the human services field. 根据美国劳工统计局的数据, community 和 social service occupations are projected to grow 10% from 2021 to 2031. 这比其他职业的平均水平要快. 作为一个人类服务专业人士, 你可以在各种公共场合工作, 私人, 非营利机构. 


  • 危机干预专家
  • 帮派预防专家
  • 中途教习所职员
  • 监狱和监狱案件管理工作者
  • 执法人员
  • 假释、缓刑或重返社会官员
  • 社会工作者
  • 受害者主张


  • 社区外展
  • 家庭暴力服务
  • 无家可归者收容所
  • 养老院
  • 康复设施
  • 性侵犯服务
  • 社会工作
  • 受害者的宣传

To help people with substance abuse issues, you can become a:

  • 案例管理器
  • 排毒顾问
  • 心理健康咨询师
  • 预防外展工作者
  • 住院治疗顾问
  • 社会工作者
  • 药物滥用顾问

Employers of SJC Human Service AA graduates include:

  • 成人拘留
  • 成人缓刑
  • 布卢姆菲尔德警察局
  • Cenikor住宅治疗计划
  • Cottonwood诊所
  • 法明顿警察局
  • 青少年拘留
  • 少年缓刑
  • 克服咨询服务
  • 援助无家可归者组织(PATH)
  • 圣胡安县警局

"I absolutely feel better about my preparation for my career ahead with everything I've learned here. With the instructors 和 the internships that I've completed, along with the interaction that I've had with faculty 和 such, 它确实为我的未来做好了准备."



To enroll in our in-person 和 online Human Services program, 你必须先申请火博体育. 这很容易,你可以随时在网上申请!


如果你已经是火博体育的学生, talk to your advisor about our in-person 和 online Human Services degree program. 你也可以讨论你的转学选择.



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